Saturday, July 23, 2016

Batik in VT

I am all set up to teach a 3 day workshop  at the Fletcher Farm School for Arts and Crafts in Ludlow, VT.

I have a great big room in an old barn with 10 students. Should be lots of fun.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Construction has begun! The goal is for me to be in the studio, up and running for the beginning of the fall. Keep you fingers crossed for me!

In the meantime I am going to be organizing and purging what I can, so I don't waist time moving stuff I am only going to be eliminating anyway.

West wall - only one window as this will be my design wall.

All hands needed.

View from inside the studio looking south to my house.

View from my front deck.

Those are my boys

Working on the floor of the loft space.

Posing for Mom.
A crane was needed to hoist the ridge beam in place.

Ridge beam up!

Starting on the roof.
That's it for now. Next week the contractor is on vacation and my boys are busy with some other summer plans they had.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Moving right along!!

Okay. So I haven't been really good about staying on top of things - like posting photos as the project moves along. "So what's new about that?" you might ask. Clearly nothing is new about that and moi!! LOL
But here we go on the new studio progress report. 
Drum roll please!

Here they are laying down the 2" thick, pink insulation foam on top of the ground. You can see that the water pipes are already installed. I will have a very teeny, tiny bathroom and a washer/dryer hook-up for dyeing fabric.

I wanted a few electrical outlets in the floor. And since I will have a poured concrete floor, the outlets have to go in first. They measure out per my drawing for the center of the outlets, then they extend a plastic tube to the wall.

Radiant heat in the floor! 
After being in my cold, walk out basement for a few years now I am going to love being toasty warm in the winter! 
Hot water will run through the tubes under the concrete floor.
I am going to heat the hot water with propane.

All ready for the concrete!


For some reason this was so very exciting for me. 
Seeing that giant cement mixer come up my little dirt path.

They have to work kind of quickly here to spread the concrete out before it starts to set.

After just a few hours they can smooth out the top with the machine you see there.
It has 4 long paddles that spin around. The other guy sprays a bit of water on the surface so the machine spins smoothly.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I'll post about the construction! Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


It seems that there is always a surprise when starting any project, no matter how small or large.

This is true for the building of my new studio. We didn't have any surprises when we took down some large pine trees to clear the area. But when excavating began the surprise unfolded with each pass of the excavator. It appears that the far back end of where the studio will be is a whopping 4 feet higher then our front yard which is only yards away.

The excavators have this handy device that throws a lazer beam from one part of the device to another part in a different location. So it can accurately measure the ground height in 2 separate locations.We all stood around and read the results and still none of us could believe it!!! Our eyes just couldn't see it. Amazing really.

Because of this revelation a concrete retaining wall had to be poured for the front end of the studio. Dirt and gravel needed to be trucked in to fill in the difference. We also had to consider how the guys would level off the ground from the retaining wall. If they simply tapered it off the dirt would run half way through my front yard which also happens to be my garden. It would also direct running water from rain straight into our basement. Yikes. That would just not do.

Jay, one of the excavators and the main guy operating the back hoe had some vision. Between the two of us we decided that he would creatively fashion a stone wall using the rocks I have collected over the years for mapping out my garden beds. I didn't want a polished or expertly executed stone wall. After all, this is in the middle of the woods. I wanted a more wild, unkept look.

Measuring out the parameters of the studio 

Getting started

Rock collection for stone wall 
View from my front deck

Compacting it nice and flat
 Then they had to dig a trench for the septic line to attach to our existing line from the house to our septic tank.

Measuring the depth to make sure it is below the frost line.
Ready for the pipes
Insulation as an added precaution.
The finishing touches.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Interludes #2

This is the second piece in a series that is currently handing at the Salmon Falls Gallery in Shelburne Falls, MA.

A large component of all the pieces in the series was taken from a montage I made from the results of a days work of monotype prints using a gelli plate and leaves. The prints were made on muslin so the cream color-way came from that. I also digitally printed on cotton sateen and silk organza the images below. The first is a simple sketch and the second is from a page in my art journal.

Below are the details shots. 

The techniques I used were image transfer, monotype printing, direct painting, drawing, machine free motion stitching, hand embroidery and stenciling.

The materials I used were textile paints, Golden fluid acrylics, pan pastels and acrylic markers. I also used pearl cotton embroidery floss and hand over dyed wool fat quarters from Weeks Dye Works.

Don't forget to click on the images for a larger view.

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Ladies Lunch at My Mother's

Today I have come to my mother's condo to help her prepare for an elegant Ladies' Lunch. My mother has exquisite taste and wonderful neighbors. It is always a joy to look at all her lovely dishes and her vast library of cook books!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Opening Reception / New Work / New Studio!

The opening reception for my one person show was great fun. Of course all my family and supportive friends were there as well as some new people from the gallery. Because I am the picture taker in my family, and because I forgot to ask someone else (ie. my son) to take photos of the event there are none to share! So funny and I am totally fine with it.

One thing that was really special for me is how many people felt that the overall feeling of the exhibit was calm and peaceful. As many of you already know the show was a tribute to my father and my time of grief over this past year since his death. If you want to read more about that click here

There are six pieces in the show. I'll start sharing them in this post, but will use subsequent posts to share them all. Except for one triptych they are all called "Interludes."

Here is "Interludes #1" along with some detail shots. Remember to click on the image for a larger view.

40.5"w x 12"h

The materials I used were commercially dyed raw silk, hand over dyed wool from Weeks Dye Works, Pearl cotton embroidery floss also from Weeks Dye Works, Golden Fluid Acrylics, Montana Acrylic Markers and Jacquard Textile Colors fabric paint. I also digitally printed one of my drawings/paper collages onto Fabrisign cotton sateen and silk organza. The center panel is needle felted along with hand stitching and machine free motion stitching throughout. Many of the images were mono printed leaves on muslin using a home made gelli plate.

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The image above is how it all began. This is a collection of leaf images that were either mono printed and/or digitally printed then layered and fused to a piece of muslin. The overall dimensions were about 45" square. Here you see it stretched on my hand quilting frame. I did most of the hand stitching first, then cut the piece apart to form the 5 pieces in the show.

Another great bit of news is that we have started building my new studio!! It will measure 28" x 40" and will include high ceilings, a painting/dyeing area, a dry area for sewing and a storage/office loft space. Over the last hand full of years my work has been progressively getting larger. Since I have totally out grown my current space in our walk-out basement, I am so looking forward to a big open space. Just the thing my work needs to propel it forward!

I will also be teaching very small group classes and workshops in the new space. This year will more then likely be the last year I teach in other locations.

To get started we had to bring down four massive pine trees. My husband loves pine trees. So we have allowed many of them to grow very tall right next to our house. Bringing them down was an amazing thing to watch. However, truth be told I didn't watch for much of it. But the guys from Jim's Tree Service were nothing short of amazing!

To get into the property they had to drive their trucks around the back of the house next door and down a path through the woods.


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