Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pablo Picasso

"When I was four, I could draw as well as Raphael. It has taken me my whole life to learn to draw like a four-year-old child."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Work

I have started painting these small (approx. 12" x 5",) acrylic and metal leaf pieces on foam core. I like the movement in the piece and the marks. I am trying to paint them quickly or rather with gesture. I want them to appear spontaneous – without labor - I see them as dance. Again, I am trying to push beyond the square and controlled lines that have been present throughout my work, over many years. I see these ultimately working in well with the fiber work. Either printing the image on fabric or, if it is a wall piece, maybe I'll start incorporating paper in with the fabric. The marks could easily be worked in as yarn, not unlike the figure collage I did several years ago called “Firewall”.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Found in Nature

Plant life from southern California.


This is a hand made, unstructured, drop sleeve jacket using 100% rayon chalis that has been hand dyed and over dyed using MX reactive dyes, painted with leaves using pro-chem textile paints and stitched with hand dyed silk noil squares.
Of all the wearable art pieces I have made so far, this is perhaps my favorite. It amazes me that I have continued to be inspired by plant life for decades. And of couse, the image of a square in my work has been around for almost as long. At one time I worried that this was a clear sign of being visually stuck. However, it seems that as I get older, I worry less about the things I can't seem to explain and trust in the process more. I have discovered that entrenching myself in a new medium, has helped enormously in pushing my tried and true boundaries beyond any confort level I may have been working in.

The Beginning

The journey of having, posting and keeping an artist blog began in 2008. At that time is was unclear to me what I would write about, or how I would find the time. Journaling, along with its long list of rewards is not unfamiliar to me. Every morning as I wake, the hunger and need to write, hallows out the pit of my stomach, more than my body's need for coffee or even food. On the other hand, public journaling is far from familiar. Last year when my artist friend Diane Clancy (, helped me establish this blog site, I was overwhelmed. But now, with amazing clarity I know that the time is right. I understand, and embrace the fact that this blog is as much for you (whoever you may be), as it is for me. I understand that this will be the embodiment of who I am professionally, as a thinking, questioning and producing artist, as well as a writer and teacher of the arts. I imagine this blog to be the place where I will continue my joyful and sometimes painful musings about myself, my inspirations, goals and struggles, within the confines of my art process. I suppose that at times it might also encompass the other aspects of my life as a wife, mother, daughter and consumer etc. because, as with all artists, the boundaries between personal and professional are very often unclear and tangible. And so, this is what I can promise:
  • that I will write - in prose and sometimes poetry
  • that I will post images, of my own and others making, as well as of visual findings I come across during my daily travels
  • that by the act of writing this blog, I acknowledge and embrace the concept and actuality that everything set forth will be openly shared with all who have the desire to partake, and
  • that everything will be the truth, as only I can know it.
Your comments and musing will of course, always be welcome.