Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay everyone I am back!

Life has been a whirlwind with my 2 youngest sons now going to different schools. With that said, my other very big and exciting distraction has been preparing for the opening of my new 1600 sq. ft. fiber art studio in downtown Greenfield, MA! I will be producing my wearable art collection there, as well as all the other art projects I manage to get myself involved in. I will also be hosting fiber art classes in the 600 sq. ft. classroom. I already have a great line up of teachers including Susan Loring Wells the former director of the Fiber Arts Center in Amherst, MA and Christine Copeland the former owner of Northern Woolies in Greenfield, MA. I will also be continuing with the work I did for 2 years at Linden Hill School in Northfield, MA teaching art to kids with learning differences.

Saying goodbye to my studio at home does come with some sadness though. I won’t be able to work in my pjs any more. I won’t have all my four legged friends to happily climb and trip over. I won’t have an incredible view of West Mountain as it changes for each incredible New England season. And I won’t have my garden to escape too. But I will finally be able to make a division between the business of art making and doing the family laundry! I will go from no sink in the studio to 3! I will not have to clean the kitchen before and after dying fabric. I will have two 9’ tables to work on fabric, not to mention my drafting table and a cutting table. And I will have a space that I can fill with the energy of my fellow fiber artists.

Moving in date is set for the 8th and 9th of November. Classes will begin soon after that. For a complete list of the classes being offered so far, go to the CherScapes web site.

December 12th, 13th and 14th I will be in New York City manning my booth at the One of a Kind Show. This will be my first time out in the world with my clothing. Wish me luck!