Saturday, November 27, 2010

Show Times

Returned back from the show last Sunday night, but headed straight into holiday planning as soon as I woke on Monday. I'm finally coming up for air.

I didn't pay for internet access at the show, too expensive and not necessary. Turns out I didn't have free internet at the hotel either. But frankly, I was too tired to do anything more than eat and sleep anyway.

Many of you have wondered how the show went. As always, it was a mix. I was pleased with my booth and the buying crowd wasn't all that bad. Most exhibitors felt that breaking even was a good number for a first time show. Richard did a great job promoting it. He also jazzed the show up by having many demonstrations and even some drawing sessions with models. He is looking to put a committee of artists together to help plan for next years' show.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bye bye Lacey.

Bye Fernanda.

Lunch at Glenwoods in Hamden, CT. The best burnt hot dogs around.

Made it to NY.
Crazy time unloading. Either wait literally 4 hours to have someone unload you. Or unload by hand without a dolly, carrying everything across the parking lot, then down a flight of defunct escalators.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Off to NYC

< charset="utf-8">So, I'm off to NYC to do the American Craft Show at the Jacob Javits Center this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 19th, 20th and 21st. If you are in New York, please come to see me!
Booth #202

I've got over 150 hand dyed silk scarves for $35, and 40 hand dyed Velvet Twists that retail for $55. I'm taking Connie's silk rose pins too. They can be had for a mere $22.50.

Some of the scarves.

I took the plunge this week and splurged for a point and shoot camera. I realized that I don't take many pictures for this blog because I am reluctant to carry my good SLR camera around with me. If something were to happen to it I would be sunk. I need to keep it safely in the studio for taking pics of my work.

So.... here we are....