Monday, August 1, 2011

today, again

major lightening storm here in the woods,
loud, bright, and a crack that sounded like none other.
the smell of cap guns wafting in through the screen door as i write this book
child's play??

everything is okay.

still have power and the sun is shining. what more could i need?

time for a walk.
 feeling confident that
 i am going to know when to turn around

yesterday i decided to take pictures of leaf shapes as i walked,
a simple visual to calm my bursting brain!
here are a few

 herein lies the problem -
my brain is overloaded
 with words,
techniques, formulas and recipes,
the amazing work of other artists as i research for the book,
my work - its visuals!
in the past, present and future,
ideas about the studio, teaching
and workshop descriptions for other locations,
family, kids and a couple of college tours in the very near future -
like tomorrow.

and boy, do my dogs need a bath!

walking and concentrating on leaf shapes
seems to be the only remedy, for now

how do you/i measure success?
i'd like to know


Jeanne said...

Sometimes success means getting most of the things I have on my list done. Other days, it's making a good piece of Art, or renewing a relationship. But the saying "One day at a time" says it best!

Cheryl Rezendes said...

Thanks Jeanne. I always look into the future for long range goals of success. I often forget "one day at a time." But it is so important.