Sunday, July 31, 2011


 had a bit of a revelation this morning.
even without walking!! 
i'll post about it as soon as I finish (get started!) on today's deadline.
in the meantime i share with you Julian,
and the pleasures of being a cat on a sunday afternoon

Friday, July 29, 2011

Studio Closing

in 2 months - so much change and thought.
to the Maine coast with my guys and back again. many, many walks for reflection and soul searching.
my own personal form of walking meditation. no power walking,
but no strolling either. a good walk - sometimes for an hour or 2 even.
many questions. soul searching as they like to say
wish i could just keep walking, then call someone to come get me when i am done.
i am not always sure when to turn back
i am not always sure when the walking should be over
but it has been good

Dear friends, supporters and students,

After a great deal of thought, personal reflection, and numerous family discussions I have made the difficult decision to close the studio as of September 1 of this year. In all honesty, with most classes canceled due to lack of enrollment, I simply can’t sustain it. For those of you who did take classes with us, thank you! For those of you who had fantasies of taking one in the future, all of our instructors have plans to continue teaching in other locations. And for those of you who simply just loved that we were there, thank you to you as well! Your well wishes and visits were greatly appreciated!

Although I must say goodbye to the dream of a community based fiber studio, I no longer think of it as a loss or an ending, but rather a juncture. I am so grateful for all that has come my way over the past 18 months. So many new and wonderful people have come into my life, and touched me in ways I could not have foreseen when I began this venture. The studio has given me the opportunity to reconnect with people I had not seen or spoken with in years, while providing me with a wonderful and exciting venue to offer up my knowledge, guidance and skills as a teacher. A role I cherish.

For now, I will be returning to my home based studio to continue with my own personal artistic endeavors and to finish my technique book, which will be out by the winter of 2013, curtesy of Storey Publishing in North Adams, MA.

I will be teaching locally at Artspace in Greenfield, MA this coming fall, winter and spring. In CT, I will be teaching at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven beginning this winter and possibly the Brookfield Craft Center in Danbury. I am working on other locations as well. If you would like me to come to your area and know of a suitable venue, please be in touch. A custom workshop can be designed for your group’s needs. I hope to be offering on-line classes by the first of the year, as well as very small group workshops in my renovated studio at home, by the spring of 2012. 

I plan to continue to keep you posted of my progress and whereabouts. Please keep me posted of yours.

Hugs and love to all of you. 

still walking, asking questions
who am i as an artist?
how do i measure success? - now, today
not 10 years ago, not even 5 years ago

how do you measure success?
 i'd like to know.