Monday, January 30, 2012

Marbling with Shaving Cream

had a fun time this past sunday
showing people at A Notion to Quilt
how to marble fabric with shaving cream
and paint.
the only mishap was that the shaving cream wouldn't foam up.
thank goodness for understanding students who
went "shopping" while I darted off to the nearest store for more shaving cream.
Barbasol is the brand to go with.


Jeanne Marklin said...

Looks like fun! Maybe I need to keep a can of Barbasol around, even if my husband has a beard :-)

Wen Redmond said...

What fun! I tried it once and failed. Must be the shaving cream!

JackiesFiberworksEtc said...

I'm guessing that you put the shaving cream on fabric, the paint on the shaving cream and iron with a protective cover on top. Is that correct? Is there more?

Cheryl Rezendes said...

Actually Jackie, you put the shaving cream on your table or in a tray. Put the paint on the shaving cream. Then use a stylus of some kind to swirl the paint around. When you are satisfied you place the fabric on top of the painted shaving cream. Pat lightly with your hand. Remove the fabric and then iron it.

Let me know if that isn't clear.