Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book Cover Success!

presentation for the book cover was a big hit.
of course it wasn't my presentation to make - but rather the art director of my book.
and it may change - again and again.
such an interesting process this has been.
waiting - waiting - then last minute deadlines.
my editor and the art director came to my studio to work out a color palette,
and ideas they had percolating. 
i gave them pieces and 
elements of color, texture and imagery.
sample swatches of techniques within an unusual color field.
i loved trying to interpret her vision for her,
in color and cloth - in paint.
in my hand

38.5" x 20"
textile paint, acrylic paint, machine quilting, yarn and collage on fabric

a work in progress - almost done.
wishing i had taken photos along the way.
very excited - been trying for years to go abstract

i love the figure and
but have needed to push - hard
so as not to fall back into the same imagery,
same line. have wanted to get beyond the
lovely and delicate